As the sweltering summer peeps out from behind the veritable hotty that’s the sun, we proclaim it’s time…. to hit the gong! Chug the gallons of water! Smirk behind those huge sunglasses and beat the heat in breezy kurtas and snazzy culottes! ‘Tis the perfect time to flaunt the summer bod with a smart and savvy fashion sense, as we go Sunday brunching and flaunting the oh-so-cool tan.  Take a look at the in-things this summer to rock the socks off, people. The best part? They’re all available at a store near you.

1. Romper-ready yet, anyone?

Rompers are the labelled go-to dress for effortlessly slipping into the uber chic look. AND they are simply great to beat the summers. Wait no more, ‘cause it’s high time we slayed the heat in this trendy, playful onesie!

2. The lethal print with print pairing

Svelte and sophisticated: Check
Hiding the odd wobbly bits: Check
Closet gem: Double check

The print with print pairing is a permanent a la mode, donned by many celebs and fashionistas. Turn heads by pairing prints with neutrals or snazzy eclectic prints, or try out some ethnic Indian prints on western silhouettes to give yourself a boho-chic transformation. Go on now, mix patterns like the wind! Even the Duchess is doing it.

3. Off the shoulder – latest talk of town!

Paired with snazzy denim pants or silk shorts, completely exposed or slightly veiled at the neck, off shoulder tops and dresses the definition of summer smexy.

4. Time to give the culottes a spin? Yessir!

Worn with an air of insouciance, culottes hit all the right buttons as they give a super flattering look to any body shape. So if you’re looking to channel your inner J Lo, it’s time to treat yourself to a breezy pair of culottes.

Beware though. You might be parted with your denims forever after trying out this comfy yet trendy look.

5. Trounce the heat – don the flounce!

A flounce skirt is the answer to all summer ills as you beat the heat with this playful attire, as well as rock the fashion wagon.

6. Ace the Skorts

One of the hottest styles of all times is here – the cute combination of a short and skirt. This style is making a comeback courtesy the irresistible pairing of panache with comfort. Want one for your wardrobe? That makes two of us!

7. Flirt with Florals

Another way to combine style, fashion and comfort all in one as you embrace florals this season. So what if the summer’s being a kill-joy. You can still look fresh as a daisy!

8. Shirt Dress – For the Stylish and the Practical

Time to bid adieu to the curvy shift dress, the figure-hugging silhouette and even the smoking hot LBD for this summer. Whip out a crisp and cool shirt dress instead.

As Amanda MacMillan, head of concept design at Boden, UK, explains: “It works because it is both modern and iconic. The mix of a feminine silhouette with menswear detailing gives a shirt dress a distinct air of understated cool.”

9. Peasant sleeve dresses

Young, avant garde and a front runner when it comes to boho chic fashion, bell sleeves are winning at the runways. It’s time to stock up on them and flaunt these vintage pieces.

10. Sheer blouses

When celebs known for their risqué fashion statements start donning this, you know the sheer blouse fashion is returning to make a statement even as we speak. Toned down suitably, sheer tops make pretty great office wear as well!


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