Are you one of those souls who change their payment aisle at the shopping centre as soon as you spy the salesperson selling loyalty cards with a ‘hey-I-swallow-sunshine-for-breakfast’ smile? Or one of those who try to fob off the said person with a sickly smile and a morose thank you?
We feel you, brother! Happily for you (and the rest of mankind), we at LocalPeep have found a way out of this mess with a personalised reward scheme 🙂 Yeah, you can thank us later…but first:

10 reason why traditional loyalty cards suck:

1. What’s making my wallet so fat? Crisp rupee notes? Wait, it’s the loyalty cards at work again!

Once upon a (glorious) time, wallets used to be about carrying bucks. As I buy a wallet these days, I mull over the credibility of its small spiffy looking pockets and whether it can contain the 20 odd cards I need to lug from place to place. Think it’s time we did away this ritual?
*Bobs head vehemently*

Loyalty cards lead to fat wallets :/

2. So I get a free parking ticket today? Too bad I took an Ola :/

You chalk up enough redeemable points, puff up your chest and strut to the counter, only for them to give you a useless discount or unwanted reward. Uh oh! We know that disgruntled huff all too well. The reward better be some use to you.

The reward better be some use to you

3. The overly happy sales people who trail around with “You don’t want to join? You should join. It only takes a moment. Still not interested? Why not? (What’s wrong with you?)”

Believe it or not, we actually mean that ‘No, thank you!’

No thank you, I don't want a loyalty card

4. Who flooded my inbox again? Oh, pfft! The usual spam from shopping stores and boring loyalty programs.

Dear spam mails which start off with the heart emoticon and ‘Hello Gorgeous”: I do not read you. Ever.
Glum Loyalty Card HolderDear stores, stop sending spam to my inbox!

5. Believe it or not, I did NOT walk into the store for form filling!

Exasperating is the word that comes to mind when I’m given the black & white form to fill up in order to get a loyalty card, with questions that could put an inquisitive reporter to shame. When I step into a store I actually intend to shop, not think about what my granny’s pet cat’s ailment was.

Don't make me fill up forms to join your loyalty program!

6. Stop guilt-tripping me when I forget my card.

Shoppers, are you familiar with The Look? The one which sales people at the opposite end of counter fix you with when you tell them you’ve left your loyalty card at home? The-I-loaned-you-my-kidney-and-you-FORGOT look. If only there was a way out…

The salesgirl's look when you forget your loyalty card at home

7. Fixing the salesperson with an ingratiating grin, and hoping it’s finally time to redeem your points.

Whenever I buy a truckload of things (and let’s face it, that happens rather too often), I find myself hoping against hope that it’s time to redeem the benefits which the sales guy had once waxed lyrical about. Is there no way to put this guesswork to an end and make the experience super smooth?

Hoping it’s finally time to redeem your points

8. Are traditional loyalty cards even a ‘Deal’?

Often we don’t gain so much by putting the loyalty card to use as our emotional, impulsive side will have us believe.

Is that even a deal?!

9. It’s all about the money, honey

Loyalty cards have lost that essence of being designed for the customer. Seems they’re majorly focused on garnering profits and squeezing out some more from the customer instead of being a feel good factor for her. Because last we heard, loyalty wasn’t about points and discounts.

Loyalty cards are just a way to make money off customers

10. Making detours because the points are about to expire

Expiring points are like short deadlines, and as if we don’t have enough of those in our lives, some stores, with their wicked glinting eyes, pass along a few as well. So what happens at the end of a hard day at work or college? Sleep? Duh! More like sprinting to the store to make sure those hard earned points are redeemed before they expire.

Hurry, your loyalty points expire today!

At LocalPeep we believe that loyalty goes beyond a bunch of points and redemption rules. Loyalty needs to be about giving a beautiful experience to a customer who is giving her valuable time (and money) to your store. So we’ve decided to turn this concept on its head.

Let’s create a system where users get to choose what they redeem, information is always at their fingertips, and shoppers are not held to ransom by threats of points expiring every few months. It’s time a system was created to really reward loyal customers.

The LocalPeep App will be launching soon in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore to make your instore shopping experience a breeze.

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