This superhit TV series has given us everything. Unorthodox plot twists, spine chilling battle scenes, characters we swoon over and those that we love to hate… and an attention to detail that’s catapulted George R. R. Martin from the realm of ordinary humans to writer extraordinaire. The series has delivered some crazy, goosebump inducing lines that have become part and parcel of our everyday existence…remember Valar Morghulis?  It is famous for killing every character that we seem to grow even slightly attached to…(as well as one honorable Stark per season!). But apart from all this, when your group of girlfriends start talking of exposed belly buttons and scouring the markets of Colaba and Sorojini for breezy maxi dresses; when all the men you know start donning medieval rings and growing beards, mumbling ‘No shave any month’….BEWARE! Your gang has been hit by the Game of Thrones fashion bug.

GOT has turned fashion on its head by giving it an exotic medieval twist. Here’s how!

1. Say hello to Maxi Dresses

Game of Thrones has given a new direction to fashion, with its risqué fashion of belly buttons, fur capes and OH! How can we forget? MAXI DRESSES!

The long flowy gowns, with a medieval yet aristocratic touch, worn by the Westerosi ladies are enough to inspire us all with awe at the artistry with which they’re made and the sartorial significance of each scene that they’re customized for.  Sport them with elan for a glorious new avatar and make a bold and sensuous statement, Khaleesi style.

2. Gorgeous Braids

Game of Thrones gave us major fashion goals, staggering plot twists, and characters we never fail to swoon over. It also gave us Major Braid Goals. Be it Khaleesi with her drool worthy silver tresses braided back, emanating an edgy look which sets her apart from everyone and a true Mother of Dragons, or Sansa with her regal hauteur, Melisandre’s complex auburn knots or Cersie with her luxurious hair-do… or even the cute pigtails of Arya Stark before her tomboyish pixie cut, there’s no mistaking the new cult of people head over heels in love with the intricate, messy, braided style. Now all of us might not have the luxury of having a hand-maiden like the ladies of the Seven Kingdoms, but there’s nothing to stop us from rocking a simple braid or two!

3. Rugged and badass

With their unruly hairs, unkempt beards, strong jawlines and a certain wildness emanating from their appearance, the rugged look has been hailed by all GOT watchers as the epitome of charm. Right from the dashing Jamie Lannister to the honorable Ned Stark and his sons Rob and Jon, the male characters in GOT experiment with layers and lengths of different textures like fur and leather, and an unshaved look to compliment it. Even the ladies are not to be left behind. Prim and proper and uber feminine is so passe. The badass looks which Arya and Khaleesi carry off with perfection can be yours too. Where art thou?

4. Mix and match

Game of Thrones isn’t entirely squarely centered on the medieval European fashion influence…there are touches of Persian, Moroccan, Grecian and Japanese. Remember the sensuous slip-on dresses of all those courtesans? The tribal-inspired dresses for the Khaleesi? And  the structured warrior-like dresses of the Sand Snakes? The GOT gowns chronicle various styles merged to produce sheer magnificence. Not to mention the statement jewellery pieces with influences from across the world.

5. Long live the beards

The men over at Game of Thrones seem to live by the awesomeness of their beards. Be it the royals with immaculately groomed beards or the Wildlings and Nightswatch men with their bristly bushy ones, beards have undoubtedly trotted out of the GOT stable with a loud neigh. They have been the order of the day in all the 6 seasons so far, and we can’t help but nod sagaciously with this wise choice! Look around you in present day reality and you’ll find dashing men sporting the look everywhere.

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