Summers are here in all their blistering glory and with the temperatures showing no signs of abating, it’s no wonder people are scuttling towards the hills. We tell you some of the bare essentials, the must-haves for a quintessential holiday, nestled cozily in the hills.

1.Trekking Shoes

“Arey bhaiya, pahado mein gaye, aur trekking nahi ki, toh kya khaak pahado mein gaye?”

Trekking is one activity that goes hand in hand with hill excursions, and  the one that’ll give you the most fun memories to look back on, PROVIDED you’ve got the right gear with you. *Ting tong!*

Here’s where the trek shoes come in, before you saunter off to the hilly jaunts of Himachal, Uttarakhand or Sikkim.



2. Hog the Goggles

sunglasses_and_framesWant one of those ‘sun-kissed’ selfies, but usually trying to capture one in the face of sunshine has you landing with a weird squinty-eyed pic? Tadah! Here’s your no-brainer fool-proof plan: pick up a nice pair of sunglasses. Be it a classic aviator, or a new trendy pair from Fastrack or H&M, have your pick. But don’t forget to pose your way to a frenzy of likes on Facebook.


3. First-aid Kit

Pop the tablet on the go, and make sure that there’s no hitch as you hike your way to new adventures! Safety first, always.

4. Don the Beanie

Apart from keeping the air out, the beanie is a fashion statement of its own. Experiment your way fashionably through the hills.



5. Sunscreen

Tanning occurs way faster in hills than any place else. It’s advisable to arm yourself with the ammo of sunscreen, hats and stoles.

6. Leather Jacket

man-1150058_640Because, nothing creates a style statement as a leather jacket does. ‘Nuff said.

7. Loot the Boot

kissing-couple-1209043_640With talks of a leather jacket, can boots be far behind? No way, especially if you’re planning to play in the snow at Rohtang Pass or explore the ski-slopes of Auli. Besides keeping away the cold, boots are a classic with anything from dresses to shirts. So rock your socks off (figuratively) and flaunt those boots!


8. Click! Snap! Get hold of that cam!

electronicsDonned the leather jacket? Pulled on those sexy boots? Struck a pose?
Bam! What? No good camera to flaunt this and more? Nope. Nada. This won’t do!
You need a good camera, and if you’re passionate about photographing the hilly wilderness, may be even a DSLR. Make sure everyone on social media has a virtual holiday with you as you click some instagrammable shots.

9. Waterproof jacket

Many hill stations have rains once every day, so instead of carrying a lot of shenanigans like an umbrella, raincoats, tissues and what not, carry a waterproof jacket for the occasional downpour, and cheat your way out of being, as 9XM would call it, a ‘bheegi billi’ 😉 Sorry we could not resist that one!

10. Gloves and mittens

It’s worthwhile to keep a pair of gloves handy as you make snow balls to attack your friends. A comfortable pair of gloves can be all the difference between having fun while slinging snow, making a snowman or two, and shivering frigid fingers and clattering teeth.


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Now go escape the scorching sun and enjoy the mountains!